A new way to interact with customers & respondents

Conventional market research is conducted in an artificial way and in a contrived environment which has made people unwilling to participate.

Through our experience enhancing solutions we transform consumers into motivated participants in market research activities giving you better, faster and more affordable results.

Customer Feedback & Engagement

Attract new customers & turn them into happy regulars

tetAtet enables you to listen to customers, understand them and take action to enhance their experiences, ensuring their return. Suitable for businesses of any size and in any industry who wish to improve customer satisfaction, nourish relationships & attract new customers.

Point of Purchase

Engaging chat interface that enables the capture of feedback at any point in the customer journey when it's still fresh in their minds. Ideal for mobile and webchat.

Stop Negative Reviews

Real-time complaint management enables you to rectify customer issues before they leave the store and reduces the possibility of negative online reviews.

Social Media Boost

Customers are routed based on their level of satisfaction to either like, share & review your business on social media or the complaints management system.

Real-Time Reporting

Reporting on all satisfaction metrics including NPS in real-time. Views by time periods, on total brand & branch level etc.

Mobile First Conversational Surveys

Perfect for mobile & WebChat. Easy to script surveys that are compatible with any mobile devices or desktops. No downloads, installation or respondent sign-ups required.

Surveys resemble real communication. Several features such as our interviewer An and the chat interface make our surveys feel like conversations leading to:


Rich qualitative feedback

Respondents are a whopping 522% more likely to give qualitative rich answers at open-ended questions compared to conventional tools.

Higher completion rates

19% higher completion rates than conventional survey tools.

Faster completion

17% faster than surveys using conventional tools due to chat and faster load speed of survey questions.



Deeper brand engagement, increased response rates, higher quality responses due to gamified experience in an environment with a high emotional attachment.

What is it?

Weekly themed picture contests where contestants gather points and the winner takes centre stage for an entire week. Our star platform helps you to attract new customers and get insights fast.


Non intrusive, integrated ads that are spread naturally via the contestants' social network.


Surveys to answer your business questions are displayed to contestants via tetAtet’s conversational chat surveys.

Happy Respondents

Give your respondents the fun experience.

Like chatting with friends, very comfortable


Surprised, interesting, direct, feel like being interviewed

New interface, much more interesting than the old survey

I think this way of doing a survey is very nice and interesting. This is my first time doing it this way. I want there to be more surveys like this in the future. It will make people excited.

About Us

tetAtet’s team consists of CRM consultants, insight professionals, software and IT experts who bring experience enhancing technology solutions to product, service companies & people.

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